Sports photography Workshop: IRONMAN COZUMEL

Sport photo graphy workshop

This yearly sport event is one of the mayor events of the island Cozumel. It attracts athletes and visitors alike.
The Ironman triathlon athletes have to swim, bike and run. The race day starts early at 6:00am and ends at midnight the same day.

As a matter of course if you like to learn about sport photography you do not have to be at the race the entire day.
These hours just give you enough time to work as much as you like.


This 3 day workshop lets you dive in this amazing atmosphere of action, cheering and emotions. Under previous instructions of Tatjana Biermas
- experienced action & sport photographer that has covered successfully the Ironman events in Cozumel in the past years - you will be able to capture the different disciplines (swimming, biking and running) and have a day full of fun.

For beginners and advanced photographers with Digital SLR (DSLR). You should have basic knowledge of your camera and lens(es) - such as using the semi automatic settings (A, S, T). It is not suitable for the digital 'point & shoot' cameras...

sports photography workshop

Day 3 (After-Race Day) up to 8 hours
Group critique, editing, improvements suggestions.
You will then be sharing successes and figuring out what didn't work and how to improve on taking future action shots.
All students are required to come prepared to have fun, learn a thing or two about photography and be willing to help each other out.
There will be plenty of time for discussions and questions and answers.

What to bring:

  • Your camera (battery fully charged & charger with cable),
  • Your camera manual,
  • Any additional equipment you like to work with on the Race day (that could be a variety of lenses, tripod, monopod, flash - but pleaseunderstand that those items are not required for participating in the workshop. A DSLR with a Zoom lens of 200mm is fine.),
  • An empty memory card (with an identifying mark).
  • Your portfolio, or 3 -5 of your favorite photos and
  • Your laptop (with the editing software you are familiar working with) incl. charger and cable > for editing and getting feedback from the instructor

The aim of the course is to get the participants comfortable with action shots and capturing the Ironman 2012 in Cozumel.
This workshop will give you valuable tips for creating more compelling photos.

Cactus TV is happy to support you with questions about accommodation, restaurants, transportation etc...


Workshop IRONMAN 70.3

  • September 22th Pre-Race Day
  • September 23th Race Day IRONMAN 70.3
  • September 24th After-Race Day

Workshop IRONMAN


  • November 24th Pre-Race Day
  • November 25th Race Day IRONMAN
  • November 26th After-Race Day

Enjoy a sports photography workshop at the Ironman 2012 in Cozumel

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